A Git Yom Tov; website update; welcome our new users

Advanced data would like to wish you a freilichen Yom Yov Shavuot, please welcome our new users!

We Are Excited to welcome to the ADS family!

  • Bnos Chayil School of Williamsburg- For Tuition and fundraising
  • Satmer Beth Esther school Montreal – For Tuition and fundraising
  • Bais Rochel School of Monsey –  For Tuition and fundraising
  •  Mosdos Greenville in Jersey City Yeshiva and school –  For  Tuition and fundraising

We wish them continued success and thank them for choosing ADS for there all in one organization and school needs.

Website reminder       www.Advanceddata.org


 We remind you to please to take a minute to create a username and password so you can enjoy this great new platform we’ve created!

First time users please create a ticket with subject name as ” test ” make sure you get your ticket notification to your email if you don’t see it check spam and move to contacts so when you have a ticket you are kept in the loop by email too

**Please note: the “support login” is for users that have been reaching out for support prior to the launch of this new platform. whoever received this email can create an account for the feedback forum and software update platform.    https://advanceddata.org/submit-ticket/

Finally, we would like to kindly ask all satisfied users of our software for a moment of your time in providing the following:

  1. Your company’s logo to feature on our new website as one of our satisfied customers

  2. Reviews or testimonials of our software, company, customer support, etc.

Any submissions would be greatly appreciated and featured on our website’s new platform.  Please send to: shea@adsfo.com

Again, we would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and being an ADS user, as we continue to improve and expand our services, customer care, and user outreach.

A Freilichen Yom Tov!

Shaul Rosenberg & The Advanced Data Team

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