Product Benefits

The ADS Advantage

Apart from the user-friendly and comprehensive approach to solving your data management needs, we also provide 24/7 technical support, free software updates for optimized software use, data back-up insurance to ensure your data is never lost, and the highest level of security encryption to keep your data safe and secure.


Our main priority, first and foremost, is customer satisfaction. We provide constant technical support and program updates to each one of our valuable clients on a steady basis. A member of our outstanding support team is always available to provide technical assistance when it is needed.


Because we are constantly striving to improve our highly acclaimed software to make your work even easier, updates are applied automatically to all our clients, with absolutely no interference to your workflow.

Software Back-up

In addition to your local data and software back ups, ADS conducts regular software back-ups, ensuring your data’s guaranteed safety should your organization’s data server ever fail.


By providing the highest level encryption software, data access is completely secure and individualized according to each particular client; file entry may be restricted for some or all, depending on your choice. For example, the bookkeeping department can have access to accounts payable and receivable, but not payroll, while the reverse would be true for human resources. Each company’s software is easily set up according to its personal needs.