Advanced Data new School module PTA feature

Dear Valued ADS Customer,

Here at Advanced Data, we are constantly on the lookout to create quicker and simpler solutions to all your needs. As part of our continuous effort to improve our software, we are pleased to introduce you to a new program feature just in time for the new school year!

To ensure that PTA conferences bring about the results we want, the parent-teacher conferences need to be planned efficiently. This new feature will set up a clear schedule for teachers and parents with designated time slots for all parents. This excellent feature will generate a more productive and efficient PTA, and the parents will be pleased with the change.
Here is how you can expect the new program to work:

  • Prior to the next PTA meeting, the school will set up time intervals depending on the amount of students/time they have.
  • Then, A letter will be mailed out to all parents inquiring about which pre-designated time slot will work best for them. Subsequently, the information will be entered into the program. Based on the parents’ response, the program will organize the data and set up a PTA schedule accordingly.
  • Once the schedule is completed, our program will send out a letter to parents to inform them of their confirmed appointment time slot.
  • Our program’s new feature can set up a PTA schedule based on the school’s preferences.

To get started, or for more information please contact our customer service at
We look forward to assisting you further with new advanced features. Stay tuned!


The Advanced Data Software Team


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